Monthly Archives: October 2011

THIS is a happy day!!! (ok…with a little bit of anxiety to go with it)


Today is the day I’ve been counting down to. I am 11 weeks pregnant today which means that today is my last day of surrogacy meds. After today, no more pills, no more shots! I am sooo ready to be done with the butt shots. Last night I did the progesterone shot in my left hip and the scar tissue is so thick that the needle would barely go in and when I forced it through, it was gristly (is that even a word?!) and made an awful noise!! Ewwww!

It’s odd to rely on all these meds on a daily basis for months to help the embryo transfer work and then to trick your body into thinking it’s already pregnant when it really isn’t and then to do the work for the placenta until it can do it on its own, and then to quit all these meds cold turkey. It’s like you live by the “med calendar’ for months and months and months and then suddenly one day, you don’t need them at all. Honestly, for each of my surrogacies, I’ve looked forward to this day but when it finally comes, it brings a little bit of anxiety with it. Anyone who has been through IVF can relate. Being able to wean yourself off them them, just for the psychological value alone would be much, much easier than just quitting them cold turkey.

Now that the meds are done today, I can just enjoy the pregnancy like any other pregnancy. I trust that my body will do what it is supposed to do and that my beautiful little placenta will pick up where the meds left off. And really, if you’ve never seen a placenta, it is beautiful and oh so amazing. You should google a picture of one. I have pictures of my own placentas…. maybe I will dig one out someday and post a picture of it. Don’t worry though….I will give you a fair warning in case you don’t think you can handle it.

And last but not least by any means….Happy 34th Birthday to my awesome sister, Kelli!  She is seriously the funniest person you could ever hope to meet.  This also means that she is frequently inappropriate and a bad influence on my children and they will be the first ones to tell you this.  And oddly enough, they don’t even call her Aunt Kelli.  Somehow our youngest son started calling her Uncle Dunkin a few years ago and it stuck.  So all of us now call her Uncle Dunkin.  This will be weird when she gets married and my kids have an Uncle Dunkin and an Uncle Andy.  Or maybe we will have to call him Aunt Andy instead.  This is just plain awkward.


Hips don’t lie…..


Wow…so much has happened since I posted last time.  I am already 10 weeks pregnant and know that I’m only having a singleton this time around.  I was shocked due to those crazy high beta levels.  I know that carrying one baby will be a breeze compared to my pregnancy with the twins.  It will be easier for me and better for the baby in the long run.  I have been on fertility meds for 3 months now (daily injections in the belly for the first month, then lots of pills and a daily shot in the butt for the last 11 weeks).  I have one more week of pills and progesterone shots (the butt shot) and then I’m done!  At that point in the pregnancy the placenta has fully taken over where the meds were giving extra support.  I can tell you that hips don’t lie….mine are bruised, lumpy, gristly from all those shots, and they are SORE!!!   For my first surrogacy I relied on my hubby to give me all my shots…belly and butt.  He was gone on a business trip during the beginning of  my second surrogacy and I had to brave it and do the butt shots myself.  Surprisingly it was better than having him do it (although he is great at it!), so since then I’ve always done the shots myself.  I’ve got tons of scar tissue in my hips from 12 weeks of shots times 3 surrogacies and man will I be glad when I’m done with them next week. I’m counting down the days! This picture is what happens sometimes after my shot.  Surrogacy isn’t for wimps!!