Happy 236th Birthday USMC!!!


Ask any Marine and he’ll tell you. It all began on November 10th, 1775 at Tun’s Tavern and the rest is history. I might be a tad bit biased because I’m married to a Marine, however, they are known as the world’s finest fighting force.

Who’s always called up first? Marines.
Who protects the President? Marines.
Who guards the streets of Heaven? Marines do, of course, according to the Marine Corps Hymn.

The USMC might be the smallest of the military branches, but they are the first for everything. And besides, what is hotter than a Jarhead in dress blues? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Around the world today, every USMC Platoon is celebrating where it all began. There will be cake cutting ceremonies with the first piece of cake going to the oldest Marine in the Platoon and the second piece going to the youngest Marine in the Platoon. In some places, two-hundred thirty six miles have been run in one-mile increments signifying each year of the Corps’ existence. There is something about the Corps that is different than other branches of the military. My husband can see a Marine that served in WWII and they instantly strike up a conversation. Yes, much is different, but more than not, it’s the same as it ever was. I LOVE when we go somewhere and they ask each specific branch to stand to be recognized and my hubby stands with his fellow Marines. I am so proud of him and the sacrifice he made for our country. He always says those were some of the hardest years of his life, but by far some of the best.

Here’s to the Marines! OOH RAH!


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