Thank you veterans…..


A special thank you to every veteran everywhere. Young and old. Marine Corps, Navy, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard. To those who have given years of their lives serving our country and to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. To my friends who have endured single parenting while their husbands have been deployed over and over again. To the husbands who have missed out on their childrens births, holidays, birthdays, etc. To those friends who have spent the majority of their newly married life with their spouse tens of thousands of miles away in a god-forsaken country. For families near and far who are grieving the loss of a son, husband, brother, daddy.

The thing that comes to mind everytime I think about someone in the military that has lost their life in the way of freedom, is Jesus Christ. Other than Jesus, those who have died for our freedom are the only ones I can think of who voluntarily gave their life for people they’ve never even met. People who are undeserving. Worse than that, they’ve given their lives for many who have no appreciation for the freedoms we have because of them.

To every veteran everywhere, this side of Heaven and that, thank you.


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