Give us this day our daily….WHAT?!!


Today was Preschool Sunday for our youngest son. He and his class of fellow 4 year olds got to recite The Lord’s Prayer and sing “Jesus Loves Me” in front of an eager-to-hear audience. It all went down well for the most part. A few funnies in front of the congregation….including my friends son who raised his hand after they were done and yelled “I did it!” when the Pastor asked him what he needed. My little guy is like the ring leader of his class. He has been around this preschool on a daily basis for 4 years now. His two older brothers went there as well so we’ve been on the class roster for 4 years in a row now. My son was the loudest singer because his teacher promised gummy worms to those who performed loudy so everyone could hear their beautiful voices. My kid will do ANYTHING for candy. And being up on “stage”?! He was in his element.

Ok…so you are wondering why the image of the boob above, right? I mean we are talking about The Lord’s Prayer and Jesus Loves Me. This morning, in preparation for the church service, my near teenage daughter was reciting The Lord’s Prayer with our son. He came into the bathroom while I was putting on my makeup and started saying the prayer. I stopped dead in my tracks when he said it….and then I thought I was going to die laughing!! As seriousĀ as could be, he said “Give us this day our daily breast”. OMG…what is funnier than that?! I swear, even at the tender age of 4, boys are boys. They LOVE boobs. I mean they even think about them when they are supposed to have GOD on the brain! I think my son just spoke on behalf of men everywhere….all wanting their dose of daily breast.

Just a little funny for your Monday!


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