Snack helper…..the turkey alternative.


My 4 year old gets to bring a snack to preschool once a month and this past Friday was his “snack helper” day. I had asked him earlier in the week what he wanted to bring to his class and his response was “a Thanksgiving turkey”. There was no way I was going to make a real turkey for a bunch of picky preschoolers, so we had to go to Plan B. I went straight to Pinterest and searched ‘Thanksgiving snack ideas” and voila….there it was….the fruit turkey!  (In hindsight, a real turkey probably would’ve been much cheaper, but heck….what’s the fun in that?!)

The hardest part about the darn thing was finding the honeydew melon for the body and the right kind of pear for the head. For starters, I had to go to a grocery store that was 35 minutes away to find a honeydew melon and a bosc pear. Also ridiculous was the cost since all the fruit was out of season. No joke, the fruit for this turkey cost around $40.00!! It wasn’t difficult at all to do and with my hubby’s help, it only took us about an hour to put it together.

Needless to say, it was a HUGE hit at preschool. My son was guarding it with his life, telling his friends to “stay away from the turkey”!! My other two sons were complaining that is was unfair that I didn’t make one for their classes too. I was thinking that I could reuse the hard to find honeydew melon and pear and just throw a few skewers of fruit on them to make another one, but surprisingly, all that came back from the preschool class was the pear and a sliver of melon. A mere turkey carcass.

If you’re wondering, the little tail feathers, the feet, and the thing by the beak are all made out of tri-colored peppers. The beak was cheese, the eyes were raisins and obviously the skewers were fruit and cheese. It was held together with toothpicks and I sliced a thin piece off the bottom of the melon so it would be sturdy and would sit well. Really…you should try this. It’s just a little effort and everyone will be impressed by your efforts. I’d be willing to bet at least one person will even call you Suzy Homemaker!


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