16 weeks…..


Yesterday marked 16 weeks.  I still haven’t told but a handful of people that I’m even pregnant.  My last surrogacy, twins I remind you, was not kind to my belly.  By now, with my other pregnancies, I felt like my belly was as tight as a drum.  No, not this one.  Ugh….this little one is going to have to do some major growing to fill all this flabby skin out (sorry for the gross visual).  It is a matter of fact….a tummy tuck (mommy makeover maybe?) is definitely in my future.  One plus of being pregnant in the winter is that the combo of a long-sleeved tee and a hoodie can pretty much hide anything.

We find out in just two weeks what the sex of the baby is.  I have no gut feeling so it will be a total surprise.  At this point in the pregnancy, the baby is approximately the size of a softball and can suck its thumb.  I haven’t felt any kicks yet, but even with my other pregnancies it was always closer to 20 weeks, so it should happen soon.  I’ll keep you posted!


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