Tonight’s gonna be a good, good night……


Tonight was a big night!  We met my IP’s (intended parents as they are called in the surrogacy world) for the very first time.  It is kind of crazy to think that I am just two weeks shy of being halfway through my pregnancy with their baby and we are just meeting for the first time.  My IM (intended mother) and I were talking last week, anticipating our visit and talking about how oddly intertwined our lives are.  How we are intricately sharing THE most precious event, yet we are perfect strangers at the same time.  We first “met” almost a year ago and have been through a major journey already.  It is crazy how we’ve discussed things that are soooo personal….her eggs, his sperm, my periods, circumcision if it’s a boy and so on and so forth.  I mean, we know things about each other that I don’t even know about my BFF!  It’s all kind of crazy when you think about it.

Anyway, tonight was wonderful and we visited like we had known each other forever.  We are all excited about tomorrow and finding out the sex of the baby and seeing how he/she is growing.

P.S.  My IP’s surprised me with a Kindle for a Christmas gift tonight!  Yesterday I received the most amazing box full of chocolates from them.  I’ve avoided those kinds of things for awhile now, but I gave in when I opened the box yesterday.  Can we say chocolate covered pretzels and peanut butter meltaways?!  O.M.G…..this stuff is killer good!


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