Our son turns 8 and the baby kicks! Big day!


Our oldest son is 8 today.  It seems like just yesterday I had just experienced my first homebirth and was soaking up my newborn son.  He is such a joy in our lives and never ceases to touch us with his sweet ways or his quick wit.  I can always count on him to bring us a smile or a much needed laugh.  He is such a well-rounded kid and we couldn’t be more proud of him.  Now don’t get me wrong, he can be a little twit just as you would expect.  He loves to torment his brothers and cause his sister to reach her boiling point.  A typical brother, I guess you could say.  I will post a picture of him taken last night, just so you can see his quirky side.  Wow, he is going to hate me someday for sharing this.

Today is monumental in another way as well!  I felt my first baby kicks while I was lying in bed this morning.  I will be 22 weeks tomorrow and was getting just a tad nervous that I hadn’t felt him yet, even though this is about the time I’ve felt all my other babies kick.  A huge wave of relief came over me as I felt him kicking over and over, no less than 20 times in a matter of minutes!  I tried to call his mom to let her know and she’s not answering her phone!!  I can’t wait to tell her about this morning!  They are going to be so excited.

Birthdays are always monumental when it comes to my surrogacies.  My first surrogate baby was born on my middle son’s 4th birthday.  I had the twins on their dad’s birthday.  Today is my son’s birthday and I felt my first kicks.  And….I forgot to mention that at my last doctor’s appointment they changed my due date to Mother’s Day, based on the baby’s size from the ultrasound.  Would there be a better day to make someone a mother than Mother’s Day?!  I’m really hoping that that’s the day this baby makes his debut.  Both of his parents birthdays are about 10 days before and after my due date, so those are also good possibilities.  I’m anxious to know if the “birthday rule” will apply to this birth like it has for my other two.  Time will tell!



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