Now THIS is a crazy thought…..


Wanna know something?!  I’ve been pregnant for a portion of every single year since 2002…..a total of 10 straight years, pregnant at some point in ALL of them!  That just seems plain crazy when you think about it.  All together, that’s a total of around 80 months of pregnancy, which is the equivalent of over 6 years!  Most people can’t believe I love being pregnant this much, but it’s true, I do.  I have been so blessed with easy pregnancies and great deliveries…….well, except for the twins, which resulted in a c-section due to the first baby being breech.

I have also been extremely blessed as far as my IVF embryo transfers go too.  Each of my embryo transfers has worked on the first try, which doesn’t usually happen.  My first surrogacy was a fresh embryo….yes ONE embryo, which is basically unheard of.  IVF doctors like to use two or more embroys to up the chances of a successful pregnancy.  My first couple insisted on only one embryo, against the RE’s (reproductive endocrinologist) advice.  The chance it would work was very slim, like as in 30% chance or less that it would work.  Sure enough, it did!

My second surrogacy was just as successful, although a bit different.  This set of IP’s (intended parents) was from Australia.  There was A LOT that had to happen to make this even possible!  The egg’s were fertilized in Australia and frozen, then were hand delivered to our clinic by a doctor from the clinic in Australia.  The FDA regulates (along with a zillion other things) that imported embryos be hand delivered versus shipped.  Might I add that the majority of IVF clinics won’t even accept imported embryos, so even finding a clinic that would take them was a challenge!  We used two embryos that were obviously frozen then thawed.  There was a less than 25% chance it would result in twins.  Of course, we got twins!   I’m not kidding, I knew within two days that I was pregnant with more than one baby.  I instantly felt dead tired.  I remember going somewhere with my daughter and telling her that I had to close my eyes at each stoplight and to tell me when it was green.  This pregnancy was different from day one.  I’ll go into more about this later.  Don’t want to bore you with all the details just yet!

This surrogacy was just as easy as the others.  We used two fresh embryos, one of which took.  One embryo was of the highest grade possible and the second was not nearly as strong, but our RE decided to use it anyway just to see.  My hcg levels were checked about 10 days later and they were even higher than they were with the twins.  I didn’t feel the same as I did with the twins, but the levels threw me a bit.  I finally had an ultrasound to see how many babies and there was just one strong little healthy baby.

I feel so blessed that God has decided to use me to help others who can’t have their own babies.  I truly LOVE having babies, but feel totally content with the number of children I have, so it’s a win-win.  A blessing to both myself and the families I’ve carried babies for.



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