Please pray for Courtney and Tripp


I’m sharing with you the link to a blog that I’ve been following for the last several months.  It is written by Courtney, the young single mom of a precious two year old boy named Tripp.  Tripp was diagnosed at birth with a rare condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa, or “EB” for short.  EB causes any touch or friction to Tripp’s skin to cause horrific blistering.  Tripp’s eyes are now fused shut, he has not been able to stand for over a month and he is now near the end of his life.  His mom is amazing….you will see when you read their blog.  Tripp is the most courageous little boy you will ever hear of.  How this little guy keeps on fighting is a mystery.  It can only be through God’s will.

Please remember this precious family in your prayers, specifically praying for peace according to Courtney.  She asks for peace for Tripp, but I ask you to also pray for her peace as she knows she will not have her little boy much longer.


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