Happy Birthday to my hubby!!


Today is my husband’s 42nd birthday.  He is beyond wonderful and it seems like the perfect day to share what makes him that way.  This man would do ANYTHING for me.  I mean ANYTHING.  He is constantly telling me how beautiful and thoughtful I am.  He is amazing when it comes to helping around the house.  He is a wonderful father to our children.  He is a terrific friend.  A hard worker.

I can honestly say that he has never said a mean thing to me in the 12 years we’ve been together.  I often pray that God would help me be more like him.  My mouth can be like a loose cannon at times.  I long for his self-control and gentle ways.  He is ridiculously thoughtful.  He is a true gentleman.  He is more romantic than anyone else I’ve ever met.  Anytime he has to be away he texts me little things that lets me know how much he loves and appreciates me.  He is an avid waterfowl hunter and every single morning he hunts, I can count on waking up to a love note on my kitchen island.

I am blessed to call this man my husband and I will always be thankful to be his wife.


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