Spring Fever


I came across this photo this evening and it makes me sooooo ready for Spring to arrive.  This window box is on my kitchen window and I love looking at it each time I’m at the sink.  This past summer the windox box became the home of a beautiful lime green colored tree frog.  He climbed out each night and stuck to the window for hours on end.  We looked forward to seeing him on a nightly basis.

I can’t complain about this winter because it’s been very mild.  It was 60 degrees today.  Not bad for mid-January.  We did a major landscaping overhaul this past summer and I’m ready to see what survived the winter and it going to come back better than it was last year.  My stepmom has a “three year plan” for all new plantings.  It’s the “sleeping, creeping, leaping” rule.  She says that the first year of planting the plants are sleeping (i.e. growing their root structure and getting established), the second year they are creeping and the third year they are leaping.  We made it through the sleeping stage so I want to know what the creeping stage is going to bring.  All in time I guess.  It will be here before we know it.



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