From the Land Down Under…..


Here is a photo of my surrogate twins who live in Australia.  When I look at their pictures I cannot believe how much they’ve grown and changed.  They decided to arrive 6 weeks before they were supposed to and compared to my own babies, they were tiny.  Very tiny.  One of them weighed 4 lb. 12 oz. and the other 4 lb. 13 oz.  My own kids weighed 7 lb. 2 oz., 8 lb., 9 lb. 3 oz., and 10 lb. 2 ounces.  Both of these twins together didn’t weigh as much as my biggest baby!  The twins spent three weeks in the NICU, trying to master the “suck, swallow, breath” concept.  They were amazingly big and healthy for being twins that were 6 weeks early.

The babies parents, their older sister (also born via surrogate), and paternal grandmother all came when the twins were born.  Unfortunately they couldn’t get here until almost midnight the next day after their birth.  I can’t imagine knowing your babies were born and you couldn’t get to them until nearly 48 hours later, but they were great about it and took it all in stride.  It was the absolute best taking the family into the NICU room to meet their babies for the first time.  I have tons of pictures of this first meeting and will post some soon.  I think the highlight of being a surrogate is being priviledged to watch a new family “happen” right in front of your very eyes.  It is magical.  Almost like you are a stranger who is somewhere that you shouldn’t be.  Those moments are some that I will never, ever forget as long as I live.


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