It takes how many people to get pregnant?!


This photo was taken right before my embryo transfer with the twins.  This is only PART of the team of people it took for this particular transfer.  It was by far the most intense of all my transfers, but obviously the precision paid off!  You have to have an extremely full bladder (thats a gross understatement) when the procedure is done and I’ve never had to pee so badly in all my life!  I couldn’t wait until it was over so I could walk the what seemed to be half-mile trek back to my room to pee!

After the transfer, it was back to the hotel for two days of bedrest before heading back home.  Luckily my wonderful friend/midwife accompanied me on this trip and she packed a bag of all things girly to fill our time while I was stuck in bed for those two days.  We read magazines, got fabulous takeout, and tried out all the facial treatments, lotions, and other beauty goods she packed for us.  She made those two days as good as they could’ve been, considering I could only get up to (quickly) shower and go to the bathroom.

While looking for this photo, I came across a picture of the twin embryos, taken right before the transfer.  It is amazing and I will post it for you soon.


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