The little things…..


Every mother of a child old enough to be mobile will get a kick out of this!  I haven’t peed alone in over a DECADE!!!  Even now, when my kids are at school, both of my dogs push the bathroom door open everytime I go in there.  I hate to admit that my husband is no better.  When you become a mother, there are just certain things you give up.  Privacy being one of them.

The simple solution to this would be to lock the bathroom door, right?  Nope, not in our house.  We had to put a non-locking doorknob on our bathroom door because our youngest son locked himself in there awhile back.  We were all on the other side trying to explain to him how to unlock it (there is a little sliding mechanism, not your typical doorknob here), all to no avail.  My husband had to remove the door and replace the knob that day.  Ever since then, privacy is a thing of the past.  Really, is wanting to pee alone asking too much?!


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