29 weeks!!


A day (or two) late, but better than never I guess!  Here is the weekly belly picture.  All is going beautifully and my appointments are already every two weeks.  I have an appointment on Thursday, so I will have an update then, if nothing more than to say that it was uneventful.

I swear this has been my easiest pregnancy to date and I think I can attribute that to my twin pregnancy.  That particular pregnancy was so miserable and uncomfortable that I feel like anything after that will be a breeze.  All of my singleton pregnancies have been easy, but this one takes the cake.  I also think that the twins stretched my belly out so much that I still have so much room to stretch with this little guy.  I am not at all uncomfortable, I am sleeping great, no heartburn, etc.  I honestly feel wonderful and I am truly enjoying this pregnancy.  Usually by the time I’m 7 months, I just want it to be over with.  I haven’t felt that way one time with this baby.  So while my twin pregnancy pretty much sucked, it has put this pregnancy into perspective for me.  If there was one positive with the twin pregnancy, this is it!


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  1. Erin, you look great! I’m so glad this pregnancy is going so well for you. I love reading your blog! It helps me stay connected even when we don’t have a chance to talk.

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