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33 Weeks!


So much for the belly that didn’t seem to grow for several weeks!  Although I had lost 7 pounds in the two weeks between my last two appointments, this baby is still growing well, obviously.  Baby M feels big to me, so I’ll be anxious to see how big he really is when he makes his debut.  This is by far the most active baby I’ve ever carried.  We sit and watch my belly on a daily basis, amazed at how much he wiggles and squirms.  Tonight at dinner he actually took my breath away with one of his movements.  It’s like he is all knees and elbows!  He should be roughly 5 pounds by now, but I swear he feels much bigger than that to me.  Based on my previous babies, it won’t surprise me at all if he is a bigger than average baby.  Only about 7 weeks until we find out!!


You all rock!


I owe you all a great big thank you for helping me win the photography contest for my IP’s!  When I told them about the contest, and that I had won, they were thrilled!  If not for each of your votes, it never would’ve happened, so I truly thank each one of you.  Once they have the photos taken, I will be sure to post the link to them so you can check them out.  I don’t think I’ve ever won anything in my life, so I’m thrilled that you did this for me.  I said it before and I’ll say it again….you guys rock!

32 Weeks!!


Another week down…..8 to go!  Wow.  I am starting to look really huge.  While I don’t feel so big, pictures don’t lie.  It is getting hard to put socks on and tie my shoes (thank you to my wonderful hubby for helping me with this daily!), it’s a pain in the rear to roll over in bed, and shaving my legs?  Well, let’s just say that has pretty much gone by the wayside for now.  I plan to work on that a little closer to my due date, just so the labor and delivery nurses aren’t horrified!  My hubby has offered to shave my legs for me, however, letting him take a razor blade to my legs is just a bit unnerving.  I’m sure I will give in, but I’m just not ready to throw in the towel yet.

Our daughter is officially a teenager!


Our daughter’s 13th birthday is today!  Here we are….the parents of a teenager!  Really?! Where have the years gone?!  Some days it literally feels like yesterday that I was holding this beautiful little baby girl in my arms for the first time, trying to memorize every detail about her.  I look at her now and admire her independence, bravery, courage, drive and compassion for others.  I am proud of all the things she possesses that I do not.  For instance, new situations do not intimidate her in the least.  Most of the time I am a big chicken when it comes to things that are unfamiliar to me.

She is an amazing student, having straight A’s for the entire school year yet again.  She is determined, even at 13, to get a full scholarship to an out of state college.  When I was her age I wasn’t even thinking college or what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  This girl has a plan and I fully expect her to follow it through.

I remember when my midwife was leaving after our oldest son’s homebirth.  She walked out the door then immediately came back in.  She looked me in the eye and said “Your daughter is going to do great things in her lifetime…..wait and see”, then she turned and walked out again.  I have to say that I couldn’t agree more.  I’m excited to see where God leads this beautiful young lady of a daughter that He has blessed us with.

Happy 13th birthday to our precious daughter!  You are a gift and we love you beyond anything you could ever imagine.

P.S.  We surprised her with a gift certificate for an hour long hot air balloon ride.  When we take her to go on the ride, I will be sure to post everything about it!



31 Weeks!


It’s hard to believe that there will only be about 9 more weeks of belly pictures before my due date!  I am still feeling super and have no complaints at all.  Baby M is very active and we all enjoy watching him kick and roll over on a daily basis.  I talked with S & A today and they are working out all the final details of their trip for when I go into labor.  They’ve also decided on a middle name for Baby M, so that is one more big thing marked off their list.  They are flying to New England this weekend for a baby shower that their friends and family there have planned.  I have another doctor’s appointment on Thursday morning, so will be sure to update you all after that on how things go.

On another note, if you haven’t already voted for the newborn photo shoot contest, I kindly ask you to do so.  The photographer’s facebook page has my story and photo featured on it, so you can use the link below, scroll down below my story/photo and click the “like” button.  Voting ends on Thursday, March 15th at midnight, and I am really hoping to win this contest as a surprise gift for my IP’s.  If you would help me I would greatly appreciate it.  Feel free to repost this link on your own fb page to share the word!

Here’s to a fabulously beautiful and springlike week!



The Healing Harpist


I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing woman yesterday.  She is the NEATEST lady ever!  Her name is Amy Camie and as you can see, she is a professional harpist.  Harpists have always intrigued me (I used to work with one) and Amy was no different.  The harp she plays is over 90 years old and is simply gorgeous, both in look and sound.  The daughter of two music teachers, she has been playing since she was 10 and has traveled the world sharing her beautiful talent.  Amy has a passion for sharing her music with cancer patients, as music therapy has been proven to help patients with stress and tension relief throughout their therapy sessions.  Last year, Amy herself was diagnosed with breast cancer and was able to use her own music throughout her treatments.  She is now cancer free and feels blessed that she was able to experience her music from a patients perspective and not only as the creator of this gorgeous music.  In talking with her, I could truly see the passion that Amy has for playing the harp.  She talked about her harp in terms like “she loves to sing”.  She is deeply connected to this golden instrument that stands as tall as she does.

You can read more about Amy on her website, which is  She is also on facebook under Amy Camie.  Her website features several free downloads (which are so soothing that they come with a “do not listen to this music while driving” warning!) that I know you will love.  I have one of her CD’s, which my children listen to at bedtime, perfect for falling asleep to.

Be sure to check Amy’s music out.  I’m confident that you will love it as much as I do.  I just wish you all could meet her too….she just oozes happiness and zeal that you cannot help but love!

Please cast your vote!


I entered a contest recently to try to win a surprise newborn photo shoot for my Intended Parents and was chosen as one of the top three semi-finalists.  Voting started on Monday and goes through March 15th.  Whichever finalist has the most votes at midnight on the 15th, wins.  Would you consider going to the photographer’s facebook page and voting for my story?  My Intended Parents have gone through so much (emotionally, physically and financially) to have this baby that I would love to surprise them with this little treat.  Simply click on this link below, scroll down to my story, and click on the “like” button below the photo of me with my IP’s.  I can’t thank you enough for your help with this….you all are the ones that can make this happen!  Feel free to repost the link to your own facebook page.  The more who vote, the merrier!

30 Weeks!


Here we are at 30 weeks already!  Hard to believe that we only have 10 weeks +/- until D (delivery) Day!  S & A were busy this weekend putting the finishing touches on the nursery.  They told me last night that they go in the room and stand in awe thinking that soon they will have a baby boy occupying it.  I vividly remember doing that with my own children’s nurseries.  The anticipation of wanting to meet our new little bundle was almost overwhelming at times, so I can only imagine how S & A must be feeling.  We have been busy tying up loose ends about our birthing plan, S & A’s travel plans, etc.  It will only get more exciting from here as we begin the countdown to the BIG DAY!!

Random updates and happenings…..


Oh my goodness… it is, almost a week later and I’ve blogged NOTHING this week!  Just to bring you up to speed, I’m going to share some random happenings that have occurred this week.

First and foremost, my dear sister was discharged from the hospital on Thursday afternoon, after a 13 day stay.  She is doing great and is enjoying life out of the confines as we speak (or as you read…you know what I mean).  I am going to share more about this situation with you, hopefully this week.  I just need to find the right words and the right frame of mind to do so.

My wonderful dad had a special birthday this week…..he is a Leap Year baby!  He turned 15/60 this week!  He had a great birthday and I just wish that we could’ve spent the day with him, but with 500+ miles seperating us, it just wasn’t possible.  My dad is a wonderful father and is an equally wonderful grandfather.  I greatly appreciate his constant stability and level-headedness in any situation.  I am truly thankful that I was blessed with him for my dad.

A few weeks ago, I had entered a contest with a photographer who lives near my IP’s.  I didn’t tell my IP’s about the contest, but entered hoping I could surprise them by winning a newborn photo shoot for them once they take baby M back home after his arrival in May.  I was notified this week that I have been chosen as one of three semi-finalists in the contest!  Voting will be on fb starting this Monday, March 5th and goes through March 15th.  Whoever gets the most “likes”, wins.  I will be sure to post the link on both the blog and my fb page as soon as the photographer sends it to me.  Feel free to re-post it if you like.  I would so appreciate all votes so I can surprise my IP’s with this awesome gift!

I had a doctor appointment on Thursday and all is well.  My blood pressure is perfect and I had only gained 1 pound in the last two weeks.  My hubby and I have been walking two miles each morning and apparently it’s helping to keep the weight gain in check.  I go back in two weeks and then pretty soon we will be on the weekly schedule.  I turn 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow and really can’t believe we only have 10 weeks to go until my due date!  This pregnancy has been a breeze.

Well, I think that covers the week in a nutshell.  This week will be better, I promise!  If you ever have topics regarding to surrogacy or my life in general that you would like to see me write about, please either comment or send me an email.  I truly do not want to bore you wonderful readers, but am afraid that is the case sometimes.  Hey, not every day can be unicorns, rainbows and glitter, right?!!