Random updates and happenings…..


Oh my goodness…..here it is, almost a week later and I’ve blogged NOTHING this week!  Just to bring you up to speed, I’m going to share some random happenings that have occurred this week.

First and foremost, my dear sister was discharged from the hospital on Thursday afternoon, after a 13 day stay.  She is doing great and is enjoying life out of the confines as we speak (or as you read…you know what I mean).  I am going to share more about this situation with you, hopefully this week.  I just need to find the right words and the right frame of mind to do so.

My wonderful dad had a special birthday this week…..he is a Leap Year baby!  He turned 15/60 this week!  He had a great birthday and I just wish that we could’ve spent the day with him, but with 500+ miles seperating us, it just wasn’t possible.  My dad is a wonderful father and is an equally wonderful grandfather.  I greatly appreciate his constant stability and level-headedness in any situation.  I am truly thankful that I was blessed with him for my dad.

A few weeks ago, I had entered a contest with a photographer who lives near my IP’s.  I didn’t tell my IP’s about the contest, but entered hoping I could surprise them by winning a newborn photo shoot for them once they take baby M back home after his arrival in May.  I was notified this week that I have been chosen as one of three semi-finalists in the contest!  Voting will be on fb starting this Monday, March 5th and goes through March 15th.  Whoever gets the most “likes”, wins.  I will be sure to post the link on both the blog and my fb page as soon as the photographer sends it to me.  Feel free to re-post it if you like.  I would so appreciate all votes so I can surprise my IP’s with this awesome gift!

I had a doctor appointment on Thursday and all is well.  My blood pressure is perfect and I had only gained 1 pound in the last two weeks.  My hubby and I have been walking two miles each morning and apparently it’s helping to keep the weight gain in check.  I go back in two weeks and then pretty soon we will be on the weekly schedule.  I turn 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow and really can’t believe we only have 10 weeks to go until my due date!  This pregnancy has been a breeze.

Well, I think that covers the week in a nutshell.  This week will be better, I promise!  If you ever have topics regarding to surrogacy or my life in general that you would like to see me write about, please either comment or send me an email.  I truly do not want to bore you wonderful readers, but am afraid that is the case sometimes.  Hey, not every day can be unicorns, rainbows and glitter, right?!!


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