The Healing Harpist


I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing woman yesterday.  She is the NEATEST lady ever!  Her name is Amy Camie and as you can see, she is a professional harpist.  Harpists have always intrigued me (I used to work with one) and Amy was no different.  The harp she plays is over 90 years old and is simply gorgeous, both in look and sound.  The daughter of two music teachers, she has been playing since she was 10 and has traveled the world sharing her beautiful talent.  Amy has a passion for sharing her music with cancer patients, as music therapy has been proven to help patients with stress and tension relief throughout their therapy sessions.  Last year, Amy herself was diagnosed with breast cancer and was able to use her own music throughout her treatments.  She is now cancer free and feels blessed that she was able to experience her music from a patients perspective and not only as the creator of this gorgeous music.  In talking with her, I could truly see the passion that Amy has for playing the harp.  She talked about her harp in terms like “she loves to sing”.  She is deeply connected to this golden instrument that stands as tall as she does.

You can read more about Amy on her website, which is  She is also on facebook under Amy Camie.  Her website features several free downloads (which are so soothing that they come with a “do not listen to this music while driving” warning!) that I know you will love.  I have one of her CD’s, which my children listen to at bedtime, perfect for falling asleep to.

Be sure to check Amy’s music out.  I’m confident that you will love it as much as I do.  I just wish you all could meet her too….she just oozes happiness and zeal that you cannot help but love!


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