31 Weeks!


It’s hard to believe that there will only be about 9 more weeks of belly pictures before my due date!  I am still feeling super and have no complaints at all.  Baby M is very active and we all enjoy watching him kick and roll over on a daily basis.  I talked with S & A today and they are working out all the final details of their trip for when I go into labor.  They’ve also decided on a middle name for Baby M, so that is one more big thing marked off their list.  They are flying to New England this weekend for a baby shower that their friends and family there have planned.  I have another doctor’s appointment on Thursday morning, so will be sure to update you all after that on how things go.

On another note, if you haven’t already voted for the newborn photo shoot contest, I kindly ask you to do so.  The photographer’s facebook page has my story and photo featured on it, so you can use the link below, scroll down below my story/photo and click the “like” button.  Voting ends on Thursday, March 15th at midnight, and I am really hoping to win this contest as a surprise gift for my IP’s.  If you would help me I would greatly appreciate it.  Feel free to repost this link on your own fb page to share the word!

Here’s to a fabulously beautiful and springlike week!





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