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Appointment update


I had an appointment today with my nurse practitioner and everything is still going well.  My blood pressure was super, I hadn’t gained any weight since last week and the baby’s heartbeat was fluctuating between 145-155 beats per minute.  I am dilated to 1cm, which doesn’t really mean anything.  I could stay that way for weeks.  I did have a super quick ultrasound to determine the baby’s position, and he is definitely head down.  His head is high and needs to engage in my pelvis, but there isn’t really a concern that he will flip back over at this point.  I go back on Thursday of next week, but I’m hoping we will have a baby by then!  Will keep you all posted!


My birthday!


I woke up this morning to a dining room decorated with pink crepe paper, birthday banners, and homemade cards from my beautiful children.  My hubby surprised me with a day away in one of my favorite little towns ever.  The weather was gorgeous and we had such a nice time together.  When I got home, I had this beautiful vase of flowers waiting on me with a lovely card from S & A.  Following that, I received a huge birthday box from my dear sister, full of all kinds of things I love!  The outpouring of facebook birthday wishes was amazing and I received all kinds of texts and phone calls too.  This birthday was wonderful from start to finish.  I am so blessed!

P.S.  Last night was a gift in itself….I slept until 4am before I had to get up to go to the bathroom and it was the first night I didn’t have acid reflux in MONTHS!  Thank you Jesus for this extra little birthday gift!  I am so grateful!

37 Weeks….aka “Full term”


Finally we are in “full term” land!!  Baby M could come at any time now and all would be well.  As I compare today’s photo with the one from last week, it definitely appears that I’ve dropped.  I had a great appointment this past week and I go back on Wednesday.  The doctor I saw on Wednesday felt that baby was head down, however, he had hiccups this evening that were at the very tip top of my uterus, which leads me to believe he is breech.  I’m seeing my favorite nurse practitioner this week, so I’m going to ask her if they can do a quick ultrasound to know what position he is in for sure.  If I have to have a c-section, I need some time to mentally prepare for it.  S & A had their second baby shower yesterday and went today and got the last minute things they need for Baby M.  Their bags are packed and they are ready to hit the road when the call comes in.  I’m as excited as they are for the big day.  I guess the only thing we can do is be patient and wait…..easier said than done!!

36 Weeks….aka…9 months/The Final Four!!


Here we are in the final 4 week stretch until my due date.  Although I feel (mostly) good, I’m hoping it doesn’t take the whole 4 weeks until baby arrives.  Sleeping is miserable, I’ve had some awful acid reflux and just a general uncomfortableness (is that even a word?).  I’m assuming by the looks of my belly, that baby is plenty big enough and will be fine whenever he chooses to arrive.  He is still ridiculously active, so I’m praying that he is flipped back to head down with all that movement.  I tried to post a video I recorded of him kicking me, however, the file was too big so I had to resort to posting it on facebook.  I’ve never had a baby this active at the end of my pregnancy before.  I go back to the doctor on Wednesday morning and will be sure to post an update then.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Appointment update….the good and the bad


Today’s appointment went very well.  My blood pressure is great, I’m measuring perfectly, my weight gain is right on target, and baby M’s heart rate was great too.  I had my Group B strep test done today (all of you women who’ve had kids before know how fun that is) so will just wait to hear about the results.  My nurse practitioner (whom I cannot possibly say enough good about) checked me today and I am starting to dilate a teeny, teeny bit and I’m thinning out too.  She said anytime after this Sunday when I turn 36 weeks is considered to be well within the safety zone and that baby would be just fine anytime after that.

Now….for the not so stellar news… M was breech today!!  My nurse practitioner feels confident that he will flip back over by the time I deliver.  I’m certainly hoping she is right about that, because it will mean a definite c-section if he doesn’t.  I’m really hoping for a VBAC this time around, so it is imperative that he flips back over!  If you feel so inclined, please say a prayer (or two) for me that this baby gets head down in a hurry!

My appointments are now every week, so I go back on Wednesday.  I will be posting a belly pic this weekend and will update you after my appointment on the 18th.

35 Weeks and counting…..


Wow…..this belly is growing by leaps and bounds!!  I feel like I’m ready to pop (and obviously I look like it too).  In just two weeks we will be in the “safety zone” of full term, which is anything 37 weeks +.  I’m geared up mentally and ready for the big day.  S & A finished baby M’s nursery this weekend and they have everything ready to go as well.  They are just sitting tight, waiting for my call.

While I typically go a bit overdue (three weeks overdue was my max, which equaled a baby that was over 10 pounds), I will be perfectly happy if this one doesn’t go past my due date.  I just feel ready to be done and back to my old self.  Obviously I want the baby to be full term and healthy, which is the most important thing to me.  As long as I go two more weeks, I will be happy and confident that all will be well.  I’m really anxious to know how big baby M is.  He just feels so big to me!

I have an appointment on Thursday, so I will have an update then for you.  Stay tuned!

34 Weeks….the same as when I had the twins


Here’s the 34 week belly photo.  I could be wrong, but I feel like this baby is going to be big, like most of my others.  I feel so full of baby!

Since I’m posting this a day late, I am 34 weeks and 1 day into my pregnancy, the EXACT same gestation I was when my water broke and I delivered the twins.  I lucked out by getting out of those last 6 weeks with them!  As the days go by, I am more and more ready to be done with my pregnancy.  Like I mentioned in my last post, just looking forward to being back to normal.  All pregnant women feel it at some point, some sooner than others.  I’ve always felt it earlier than I have with this pregnancy.  I will officially be full term in 3 weeks, so as long as I make it that far, all will be well.


Just. Plain. Weird.


Ok….am I the only one who finds this image disturbing?!!!   I mean c’mon….look at the lady’s thighs chopped in half!!  They look like a ham steak!  EWWWWW!!!!!  (Mental note….never eating ham steaks ever again).

I randomly came across this image on Pinterest awhile back and thought it was so weird that I had to share it with you all (you’re welcome).  This is probably how squished Baby M is, inside me, right now.  His movements are now more like he is scraping my insides versus kicking me.  I have this weird aversion to having my bellybutton touched.  Ultrasounds nearly kill me when they run that thing over my bellybutton….it makes me want to punch the ultrasound lady every single time.   Baby M seems to be making a (bad) habit out of scraping up against my forbidden bellybutton area and it makes me want to scream (and puke)!

While I am still feeling super, I’m glad I can see my pregnancy nearing an end.  Any of you who have had babies can relate.   You just get to a point (for me it’s usually around 7 months) when you want your old body back, even if it is overweight, flabby, soft and unsightly, or ALL of the forementioned!!  I really want to get out in my yard and dig in the dirt and right now that just isn’t going to happen with this big baby bump in the way.  I want to roll over in bed all by myself, without having to wake up my wonderful hubby to give me a hand.  I want to be able to (comfortably and gracefully) put my socks on once again and tie my shoes without fearing I will break my own water.  I want to eat whatever I want and not fear that I will drown in my own stomach acid when I go to bed that night.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being pregnant, but there is just a point when you are ready to be back to your own normal.   I only have about 6 weeks to go, so it won’t be terribly long now.  And I am seriously thanking God that the weather is perfect for a pregnant woman, even if her thighs do resemble hamsteaks.