Just. Plain. Weird.


Ok….am I the only one who finds this image disturbing?!!!   I mean c’mon….look at the lady’s thighs chopped in half!!  They look like a ham steak!  EWWWWW!!!!!  (Mental note….never eating ham steaks ever again).

I randomly came across this image on Pinterest awhile back and thought it was so weird that I had to share it with you all (you’re welcome).  This is probably how squished Baby M is, inside me, right now.  His movements are now more like he is scraping my insides versus kicking me.  I have this weird aversion to having my bellybutton touched.  Ultrasounds nearly kill me when they run that thing over my bellybutton….it makes me want to punch the ultrasound lady every single time.   Baby M seems to be making a (bad) habit out of scraping up against my forbidden bellybutton area and it makes me want to scream (and puke)!

While I am still feeling super, I’m glad I can see my pregnancy nearing an end.  Any of you who have had babies can relate.   You just get to a point (for me it’s usually around 7 months) when you want your old body back, even if it is overweight, flabby, soft and unsightly, or ALL of the forementioned!!  I really want to get out in my yard and dig in the dirt and right now that just isn’t going to happen with this big baby bump in the way.  I want to roll over in bed all by myself, without having to wake up my wonderful hubby to give me a hand.  I want to be able to (comfortably and gracefully) put my socks on once again and tie my shoes without fearing I will break my own water.  I want to eat whatever I want and not fear that I will drown in my own stomach acid when I go to bed that night.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being pregnant, but there is just a point when you are ready to be back to your own normal.   I only have about 6 weeks to go, so it won’t be terribly long now.  And I am seriously thanking God that the weather is perfect for a pregnant woman, even if her thighs do resemble hamsteaks.


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