35 Weeks and counting…..


Wow…..this belly is growing by leaps and bounds!!  I feel like I’m ready to pop (and obviously I look like it too).  In just two weeks we will be in the “safety zone” of full term, which is anything 37 weeks +.  I’m geared up mentally and ready for the big day.  S & A finished baby M’s nursery this weekend and they have everything ready to go as well.  They are just sitting tight, waiting for my call.

While I typically go a bit overdue (three weeks overdue was my max, which equaled a baby that was over 10 pounds), I will be perfectly happy if this one doesn’t go past my due date.  I just feel ready to be done and back to my old self.  Obviously I want the baby to be full term and healthy, which is the most important thing to me.  As long as I go two more weeks, I will be happy and confident that all will be well.  I’m really anxious to know how big baby M is.  He just feels so big to me!

I have an appointment on Thursday, so I will have an update then for you.  Stay tuned!


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