Appointment update….the good and the bad


Today’s appointment went very well.  My blood pressure is great, I’m measuring perfectly, my weight gain is right on target, and baby M’s heart rate was great too.  I had my Group B strep test done today (all of you women who’ve had kids before know how fun that is) so will just wait to hear about the results.  My nurse practitioner (whom I cannot possibly say enough good about) checked me today and I am starting to dilate a teeny, teeny bit and I’m thinning out too.  She said anytime after this Sunday when I turn 36 weeks is considered to be well within the safety zone and that baby would be just fine anytime after that.

Now….for the not so stellar news… M was breech today!!  My nurse practitioner feels confident that he will flip back over by the time I deliver.  I’m certainly hoping she is right about that, because it will mean a definite c-section if he doesn’t.  I’m really hoping for a VBAC this time around, so it is imperative that he flips back over!  If you feel so inclined, please say a prayer (or two) for me that this baby gets head down in a hurry!

My appointments are now every week, so I go back on Wednesday.  I will be posting a belly pic this weekend and will update you after my appointment on the 18th.


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