37 Weeks….aka “Full term”


Finally we are in “full term” land!!  Baby M could come at any time now and all would be well.  As I compare today’s photo with the one from last week, it definitely appears that I’ve dropped.  I had a great appointment this past week and I go back on Wednesday.  The doctor I saw on Wednesday felt that baby was head down, however, he had hiccups this evening that were at the very tip top of my uterus, which leads me to believe he is breech.  I’m seeing my favorite nurse practitioner this week, so I’m going to ask her if they can do a quick ultrasound to know what position he is in for sure.  If I have to have a c-section, I need some time to mentally prepare for it.  S & A had their second baby shower yesterday and went today and got the last minute things they need for Baby M.  Their bags are packed and they are ready to hit the road when the call comes in.  I’m as excited as they are for the big day.  I guess the only thing we can do is be patient and wait…..easier said than done!!


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