39 Weeks


39 weeks….somehow I didn’t think that I’d make it this long.  I don’t know why, because I’ve gone as long as 43 weeks before, but I just thought this little guy might be a tad bit early for some reason.  It can’t be too much longer now.  S & A are so anxious to meet their little guy, and I am ready to “pass the baton” to them anytime.  I don’t feel horrible, but I am pretty uncomfortable.  I want to be back to normal.  I want them to start their journey of parenting that they’ve dreamed of for so many years.  It’s time for this shift to happen and anyday now would be great!  I thought the full moon last night might work in my favor…wrong.  Nothing.

And, on another note, white is very unbecoming on a 39 week pregnant belly.  I only wore this shirt to take this photo, thank goodness.  Just glad I didn’t wear it out in public.   It makes me look like I am 55 months pregnant!  Today was 91 degrees and I hate that kind of weather when I’m NOT pregnant, let alone when I AM!  Thank God for air conditioning…..it was my only saving grace today!

I go back to the doctor on Thursday if baby isn’t here by then.  When I went this past week, I was 3 centimeters, nearly 1/3 of the way there!  Hoping there is some more dilation happening between now and Thursday.  I’ll keep you posted!


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