40 Weeks!!!


Well, here we are….40+ weeks!  I am feeling really good considering I am huge!  The baby has definitely dropped so I finally have some breathing room and the acid reflux has let up a bit as well.  I went to the doctor yesterday and baby’s head is engaged now.  I am 4 centimeters, so active labor is next.  All we are waiting on is my water to break or contractions to start.  So far, nothing.

S & A are heading this way tomorrow evening and will get here on Friday.  I have another appointment on Saturday morning to see if I am making anymore progress.  My doctor is planning on breaking my water on Tuesday if the baby hasn’t made his debut by then.  At the rate I’m going, we will probably have to wait until Tuesday to meet the little guy.  I feel like I’m constantly on pins and needles waiting for any  indication of labor.  S & A are about at the end of their rope waiting to meet their little boy.  I can’t begin to imagine the tension they are feeling as we wait these last few days.  They were thinking they would likely miss the birth, but it sounds like they may be here after all.

I had an amazing surprise this past week when my sister showed up unannounced.  She has been a tremendous help with my kids this past week.  Their summer break starts tomorrow, so it’ll be nice to have her here to entertain them (entertaining is her area of expertise!)  She met S & A a few months ago, so we are all looking forward to spending time together when baby arrives.

I will update as soon as I have news to share either from my appointment on Saturday or on Sunday for another belly picture.  Hopefully baby comes before then and I will have the best news to share.  If you feel so inclined, please pray for a safe, easy, and quick delivery.



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  1. Thinking of you, Erin. Can’t wait to hear stories of an easy delivery and see pictures of this beautiful, healthy little boy. You are proof that sometimes angels wear their wings on the inside. 🙂 Sending prayers and lots of love.

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