The gift….from them to me


The day after I had baby M, S & A came into my room to visit, with a beautiful gift bag in hand.  Inside was the most sentimental card, thanking me for what I had done for them and also saying that “thank you” would never be enough.  Also inside the bag was a small, velvet box.  We all know what kinds of goodness comes from boxes like these!  I opened it to find a beautiful silver and diamond necklace inside.  They most certainly didn’t have to do anything like this for me, but I will always love and appreciate their gift.  My husband put it on me right then and I haven’t taken it off since.

When I look at it, it’s shape reminds me of my pregnant belly and the diamond in the middle represents baby M.   It is a beautiful memento of a very special time in my life that resulted in one very happy couple and a delightful little boy.



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